Alternative Route to A41 (without toll)

From A3
From A28

From A3(+20Km.) From A28
A3 toward Porto:

  • Continue onto A3 to Km. 0
    (not take exit 4 to Maia/airport).
+9Km-4,5 KmA41 +4,5Km
  • Continue onto VRI/A20/IC3
toward Porto-Boavista-Gaia
+3,8Km free-expressway
  • Take exit A28-IC1 toward Viana/Matoshinos. +7,7km free-dual carriageway
  1. Take exit 8* (Terminal Tir). Continue N107
  2. Take the exit 9** (Freixieiro/Perafita, Km. 10) toward N107. +3,6Km highway to airport.

A28 toward Porto:+2,6Km
  1. **Take exit 9 (toward N107 on Km10) instead of exit 11 (A41 airport). +1Km highway
  • Turn left and continue along Joaquin Alves da Silva street.
  • At the end of the street,turn left again toward N107
  • N107 to the airport.+3,6Km-2Km A41
  1. *Take exit 8(Terminal Tir), At the roundabout, go to reverse toward N107. Continue to the airport
    ++3,6Km-2Km A41
A28 toward Viana: +2,6Km-2KmA41 +0,6Km
  1. Take exit 8 (Terminal Tir). Continue N107 (-1Km+3,6=2,6Km)
  2. Take the exit 9 (Freixieiro/Perafita, Km. 10). Turn on right. take N107 roundabout exit Continue along N107 to the airport.

From A29

A44-A28-N107. free motorway +1,6Km
  • Continue onto A29 to exit 14 (A44, Valadares,Gaia,Porto,Km 47)

  • Continue onto A44 to exit l Madalena-A1(Km 0,9)

  • Take A1 toward Ponte do Freixo./A28.

  • Continue 5 Km onto A1 and continue onto A28-IC1 toward Viana/Matoshinos.
    1. Take exit 8* ( Km. 10, Terminal Tir) toward N107-aeropuerto.
    2. Take exit 9**(Km 10 Freixieiro/Perafita

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