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Attention!, since 2013, car rental companies must provide their cars with a transponder (Portaria n.º 190/2013). Since 1/07/2012 Estradas Portugal offers two new solutions for payment of electronic tolls: EASYTolls and TOLLCard (here,TOLLCard information in french). Both of them are valid for foreign license plate cars only.

Since 2010 some of Portugal's motorways must be paid only by electronic toll collection system (multi lane free-flow toll roads, you pay the toll when you drive under a toll gantry). Most of these roads are old SCUTs (not cost motorways with two lanes in each direction). Before this date, Portugal's Government paid the toll rates on SCUT (Sem custo para o utilizador-toll free for users)., now users are who pay those tolls in Portugal. The problem on ex-SCUT is that they haven't manual toll booths to pay. These electronic toll roads are marked with a reference "lanço com portagem electrónica / electronic toll only"

The A28 (Norte Litoral) between Viana do Castelo and Oporto, the old SCUT Grande Porto (it includes A41, A42 and A4 Custóias-A3), the ex-SCUT Costa da Prata (A29,A17 Mira-Aveiro, A25 Aveiro-Albergaria), autoestrada das Beiras litoral e alta(A25 Spain-Albergaria), autoestrada Beira Interior(A23), Interior Norte(A24 Vila)and A22 (Autoestrada do Algarve) have got electronic toll collection exclusively.

The first stretch of the A28 ( Caminha-Viana, Ancora and Moledo, high-speed road not motorway) and the A27 ( Ponte de Lima-Viana) have not cost for users at the moment(SCUT regime).

From november 2011, the Concessão Pinhal Interior (north branch of the A13, 9Km.), the Bragança by-pass (AE tansmontana, 7,8 Km.)and the concessão Litoral Oeste (A19, São Jorge-Azoia, 16.4 Km. and A8, Leiria by-pass, 6 Km.) were incorporated into electronic toll only system.

The rest of Portugal's toll roads (A1/Oporto-Lisboa, A2/Albufeira-Lisboa, A3/Valença-Oporto, A5/Lisboa-Cascais, A6/Elvas-Lisboa, A7/Vila de Conde-Vila Pouca de Aguiar, A9/External by-pass Lisboa, A10/Bucelas-Benavente, A12/Lisboa- Setúbal, A16/Alcabideche-CRIL, A11/Barcelos-Penafiel, A14/Figueira da Foz- Coimbra, A4 from A3 to Amarante, A17 from Mira to Leiria and A13 from Marateca to Almeirim) maintain the "conventional" toll system (with manual toll booths, collection by using bank card or in cash).

Here, you can see the map and here toll rates. This is the Estradas Portugal's informative web.

Summarised table of motorways with electronic toll collection only/without toll-free

electronic toll collection only (without toll booths) SCUT (sem custo para o utilizador, without toll)
Concesión Norte Litoral A28 Viana (Darque)-A41:
Grande Porto : A41(A28-A42)+A42(A41-A11)+A4 Custòias-A3
Costa de Prata: A29: Miramar-Estarreja
+A17 (Litoral Centro):Mira-Estadio de Aveiro
+A25(Beiras Litoral e Alta):Esgueira-Albergaria (A1)
Concesión Pinhal Interior:A13/IC3 Atalaia(A23)-Santa Cita(N110)
Subconcesión AE Transmontana(A4):Variante de Bragança (Bragança By-pass)
Concesión Litoral Oeste:A19 São Jorge-Azoia
+A8Variante de Leiria (Leiria By-pass):
Infante de Sagres (Autoestrada do Algarve, Algarve motorways):A22 Monte Gordo-Lagos
Beira Interior:A23 Guarda-Torres Novas
Interior Norte:A24 Vila Verde de Raia-Viseu
Beiras Litoral e Alta:A25 Vilar Formoso-Aveiro
Baixo Tejo:A33 Belverde-Coina

*A41:circular regional exterior Porto-CREP
A28 Vilar de Mouros (Caminha)-Viana
A28 autovía:A41 (km 11)-Oporto (Km. 0)
A27: Ponte de Lima (A3)-Viana(A28)
A29:Miramar(A44,Km. 47)-A20(Km53)
IP4:Amarante-Spain (not include Bragança By-pass)
A22: Spain-exit onto N125/Montegordo
A24: Spain-Vila Verde de Raia(EN103)/R506
A25: Spain-Vilar Formoso(EN-332)

A20 Oporto (CRIP), A30 (Sacavem-Santa Iria de Azóia), A31 (Coimbra By-pass), A34(Pombal-A1), A36 (Circular regional Interior Lisboa),A37(Radial de Sintra), A39(Vía rápida do Barreiro), A40(Radial Odivelas), A43(Porto-Aguiar de Sousa), A44 (A29-A20).

How to pay electronic toll collection only in Portugal?

Electronic toll collection only roads Portuguese number Plate Foreign number plate

With Electronic device

You need a bank account in Portugal

You need a bank account in Portugal
Without Electronic device Postpaid EASYToll
Prepaid or TOLLService
Summarised table

Payment with device (OBU/transponder):

If you hire a Portuguese car the Portaria n.º 190/2013 says that all car rental companies must provide their cars with a transponder. This implies, besides the charge of the toll rates, an additional fee of 1.50 euros per day up to a maximum of 15 euros plus taxes per month or per rental agreement.

If you drive your own car, you can purchase two types of transponder/electronic device(ED):

Permanent EDyou must have got an account and dwelling house in Portugal.This is a necesary condition to purchase this kind of device.
The transponder sell out in Via verde stores , Via Verde online (They ship the transponder to your house) and post offices. You can ask for it in your portugese bank office as well.Its price is 27,50ϵ and tolls will be charged to your account
If you prefer, you can make  preloads in Correios Portugal, Payshop agent in cash or also by Multibanco's ATM and homebanking .
You can use the permanent ED for traveling on all Portugal's motorways and ex-Scut with electronic toll collection only.

Temporary ED (TED).

  • Foreign license plate only: Lease with purchase option ( if you don't return it, you lose your deposit and then you buy it)-.Here you have got two options: Via Verde visitors (VVV) or Correios Portugal (CT). You can hire them during a maximun period of 90 days(VVV) or 30 days (CT). Both of them have a cost, for first week, of 6ϵ and for next weeks, 1,5 ϵ/each one. A refundable deposit of 27,50 ϵ shall  be paid as well.
    If you don't return the TED when the maximun rental period has finished (90 days VVV and 30 days for Correios TED) you will lose your deposit ( It become into the purchase price) and the Temporary ED is not longer valid for VVV system. In the case of CT system you lose your deposit to purchase the device as well, but CT device will not expire until 90 days after the last reload. If your Correios TED has expired , you lose the remaining balance but you'll be able to reactivate it if you top up again at another time (for 90 days each time).
    You can obtain TED in Correios post offices, Via Verde Stores and Service Stations on ex- SCUT ( Olhão-A22, Abrantes-A23, Vidago -A24-, Celorico da Beira- A25 and Viana and Vila de Conde-A28)
    If you choose VVV, you will have to associate the ED to your debit or credit card (multibanco, american express, maestro, mastercard, visa,visa electron or anyone accepts by Vía Verde). You can use VVV to travelling on all motorways, including ex-SCUTs with electronic toll collection only. If you prefer CTT system, you must include an initial and not refundable prepaid of 10./20ϵ  (light vehicles, heavy vehicles) . You can top up it in post offices of Portugal, Payshop  (in cash) and by Multibanco's ATM. It`s important remember that the balance is valid only during 90 days (starting in the last top up).CTT system is only accepted on old-SCUT (you'll not be able to use on "conventional" motorways, that's, roads with manual booths).

    * Via Verde Visitors: download pdf general conditions, and Via Verde Store
    **Correios Portugal System link for information, price list and contract.

  • If your car has got a Portuguese license plate but it hasn't electronic device(ED):

    ..and you haven't got a bank account in Portugal, but you want to pay by ED you only will be able to acquire (27,5 euros) the temporary device in post office( for example if you rent a car in Portugal and, despite the law, it hasn't device -OBU/TAG-).

    • Portuguese registered vehicles only: Postpaid

      ..if you drive on electronic roads with electronic toll collection only and your car has portuguese plate (for example if you rent a car in Portugal) but It doesn't include device (OBU/TAG), you can make a post-paid with the license plate within the next five working days at the official network ( Portugal's post officesPayshop's offices Department of Communication of the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and ATM).

      The five working days will start 48 hours after you finish your travel (correios' system has to process the information)excepts thursdays and saturdays (It will start the next monday).The postpaid is not valid to motorways with another toll systems.

      If you make a postpaid by ATM, first you must send a SMS to 68989 with the next text: “CTTMBspacenumberplate”(for example:CTTMB AA-00-00) to obtain the reference to make the paid.

      You can consult the amount in debt here and the official information in

      If you rent a car without device and you don't make a postpaid, rental car company must give your adress to the dealership. If you couldn't pay toll rates you can try it to contact with the road's dealership

    • Foreign license plate only. EASYToll, Prepaid or TOLLService, TOLLCard.


    It associates your credit or debit card to the number plate. The association will be active for a month.
    You can use it on motorways with electronic toll collection only. The toll rates will be debited to your bank account.
    The EASYToll system is activated in Estradas Portugal's Machines locate at the border point on A25, A24 and A22 and at few kilometers from Viana on the national road 13 (EN-13).
    The official information is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

    TOLLService or Prepaids:

It's thought for short stays in Portugal and it is valid only if your car has a foreign plate, that is if your car has not a portuguese plate.(If has a portuguese number plate you can make a postpaid)

It is valid to travel on roads with electronic toll only.. You can purchase it online or directly. They both have the same options, but these are more limited than the previous method.

To make online prepaid without device: we go to Correios Portugal web page
electronic toll vending machine on N-13, afterwards VilaNova

You can make payment  without ED by hand as well at:

  • Portugal's post offices (it includes Porto and Faro airports post office).
  • Border Crossing in Vilanova, Vilar Formoso and Vila Real (Automatic machine).
  • Petrol station on SCUTs ( Olhão-A22, Abrantes-A23, Vidago -A24-, Celorico da Beira- A25 and Viana and Vila de Conde-A28).
  • Information counter of Porto Airport (in cash, 5-23hrs. every day).
  • Ikea Matosinhos.

In both cases (online/direct prepayment) we're going to find eight prepayment options available:
  • Three days* pass (unlimited journey) to drive on roads with electronic toll only-20,62 ϵ-.

    It is valid  for  a period of  three calendar days, starting from the date you choose  on Costa de Prata, Grande Porto, Norte Litoral, Algarve, Beira Interior, Interior Norte and Beira Litoral and Alta motorways (electronic toll only motorways).
    It is only available for light vehicles and a maximun of six can be purchase per plate and year.
  • Five days prepayment:
    It is not longer available
A lot of kiosks are part of payshop network
  • One journey to/from Montegordo/Faro airport (A22)-5.93ϵ-
  • Two journeys to/from Montegordo/Faro airport(A22)-11,24ϵ-
  • Return trip Viana do castelo/Aeropuerto Sá Carneiro dual carriageways (A41)-10,96 ϵ
  • Return trip from A3 to airport (electronic toll stretch because It belongs to A41 dual carriageway)-3.14ϵ
*Vehicle category 3 and 4 have not this option.
Toll rates updated (CPI) for 2012


It's a card with a 5, 10, 20 or 40 euros for payment on motorways with electronic toll collection only. It's valid during a year.
You can purchase online in the official web page or directly in post offices, Estradas's machines at the frontier and in the next petrol stations: A4-Matosinhos, A22-Loulè y Lagos-, A23 -Serviço Vila Velha de Rodão y Guarda-, A25 -Estadio/Angeja, Celorico da Beira y Vouzela- and A28 -Vila do Conde-.
The card requires online or SMS activation. You can consult the steps in the official web in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish language.

Summarised table Prepaid without device:

1 month
*3 calendar days (3CD)
* Prepaid predefined route to Porto/Faro airport(PPR)
1 año
Method of collection
*bankcard is associated to license plate
*Toll rates are debited to account
*3CD:  20 € .
Toll rates are debited to prepaid
*PPR: Prepaid specific route.
*pre-defined value: 5, 10, 20, 40 €.
*Toll rates are debited to TollCard.
Toll rates are debited directly.
*3CD: Unlimited travels
*PPR: Direct Paid of the predefined route.
Long term.
Electronic toll collection only . See map.

go up
Now, we're going to describe step by step how to pay these tolls in Portugal Post website (here direct link to step 6). We choose to go from Viana to the airport Sá Carneiro via coast dual carriageway. This option includes two electronic tolls: The stretch of the A28 Viana do castelo/Neiva+ stretch of the A41 to the airport. We remember the stretch between Caminha and Viana is, at this moment, free ( maybe this changes in a few months). By other way, if we want to go via inland motorway -A3 Valença/Braga/Porto- we should remember that a toll dual carriageway -the A41- links the A3 with the airport. Unlike A3, the A41 haven't a tollbooths so only electronic tag or prepayment online is accepted.
*Some information have been traduced by correios. You will find your language icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
1- Go to correios de Portugal. Scroll over to "particulares" tab on this page. After, we click on "portagens" (seviços financeiros).
2.Now, we click on "O seu producto"(inside introduçao) and we can see in the main screen correios's information about prepayment. We choose "extrangeira" (foreign plate)and we select our option into the pull-down menu. "Quero descolocar-me ao Aeroporto do Porto": It shows the especific prepayment options for this route. "Vou passar un-fim-de-semana a Portugal":It offers three days prepayment "Vou passar uma semana em Portugal":It links to five days prepayment. "Faço viagens regularmente a Portugal": It informs of temporary device. We choose "Quero descolocar-me ao Aeroporto do Porto"
We click on ""Trajectos Pré-definidos"...
..and we look for "onde comprar" -where can I buy it?- (inside this one and remaining options) and we clik on "aquí".
6-On the new screen, we must register at the website before to pay: Click  "aqui" (Se ainda não está registado clique aqui)
7-At the next screen, choose english (right upper corner-en) and fill the required fields in "personal info" and "billing info" tabs. If you don't want to receive correios news visit "newsletters" tab. Before save you must accept correios conditions.
8-On the new screen: after you active your correios account clic on login.
9-Here we must  introduce our username( "utilizador"/"Net-id") and password ("contraseña")
10-We need to enter the information into fields (*fields of obligatory filling).We can choose english language at right upper corner-En-.
11- Now, we choose our prepayment option.... ( we choose return trip Viana/airport) .
12- We must accept conditions and then, we confirm
13- If all right, we confirm again:
14-We introduce our bank card information:
15-After to confirm, we obtain a new document that we can save* and we must  print. This document is equivalent to a sales receipt. That is, if we're stopped by the portugese police on a dual carriageway, the number of prepayment that figures on the printed matter will be necesary to corroborate the payment: "Failure to pay the toll taxes while using an electronic device will result in an infringement. The fine payable will be the value equal to 10 times the toll tax, the minimum value being 25 Euros"
      *It is saved as xps file. This kind of file opens with internet explore. We had not problem to print the original document with mozilla. Have a nice trip!!

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    Anónimo dijo...

    Thank you for this info. We'll be using a rental car for a few days from around Porto to Lisboa, so I think the best way is to pay in the postoffices afterwards. So I can just tell them the licenseplate nr. and pay?

    peajeportugalmatriculaextranjera dijo...


    Your are welcome. Thanks you for your comment.

    If your rent a car there, then your number plate will be portuguese and you can't make a prepayment, that is, you can`t purchase a "virtual device" (prepayment WITHOUT physical/material device: internet or direct prepayment) because this option is only available for foreign people.

    Like portuguese people, You only can pay on ex-SCUT (only electronic toll route) by "physical" device, that portuguese car have inside them or on the number plate. As a final option, if the car have not a material device, they can make a post-payment into postoffice ( the next five working days (but you will not be able to pay it inmediately, you will have to wait one day. For example if you drive on ex-SCUT sunday, you can make postpayment from tuesday to the next monday)

    So, depending on your car rental company, you will have different options to pay toll: Someones include a transponder inside the car and you settle the debt when you return the car. If the car doesn`t include transponder (OBU), then you only can choose between a temporary device -material device- ( that you can rent/buy correios/payshop or via verde's shop, you can search theirs shops in the blog)or a postpayment (inside post office).

    I hope it's useful.

    have a nice trip!

    FatBoab dijo...

    The electronic toll system in Portugal is not clear and is difficult to pay so the way forward is for all foreign registered vehicle drivers to drive on the motorways and ignore the tolls as it is obvious that Portugal does not know how to run the system. The result is the motorways are free for UK drivers. It is obvious why Portugal is in a financial crisis when they cannot operate something as simple as motorway tolls. They deserve to go bankrupt. All the other countries in the EU have paid for the new motorways, schools and hospitals so we will use them free.

    Anónimo dijo...

    No doubt the Portuguese are a bunch of idiots. Instead of incentivising the tourism in order to attract money to the country they are creating these stupids rules for foreigners visiting the country by car. In a country with high unemployement will be much better for everybody to have some people in the tolls to receive the money. On my side I will ban Portugal from my future travellings within Europe. Good luck to them they have what they deserve.

    Anónimo dijo...

    I have been in PT from May16 to May26 with a Spanish rental car.

    I was told on the petrol stations at the A22 that amount could be paid in with a credit card afterwards by giving my care plate number, but the page cannot be displayed and I cannot find another way to do it. Could you please help?
    Thank you


    peajeportugal dijo...

    Hello Virginia,

    As your car has got an Spanish plate number, postpaid service is not allowed for it (it is only for Portuguese plates), so, when you leave Portugal there is not an official procedure for paying tolls.

    Anyway, people who have a similar problem got to pay after getting in touch by e-mail with the operating company, called vialibre in case of A22 ( , you could consult the rest one at Precios y Clases tab).

    Estradas Portugal website is It usually works well. You could try also to communicate by estradas chat ( or writing to your rent company.

    Good look!

    Anónimo dijo...

    Estuve un fin de semana en Portugal,el viaje fue de Fuentes de Oñoro a Aveiro y regreso,fui el Viernes regresando el Domingo,total 30 euritos,por 400 km?conclusion:No volvere a Portugal,un saludo